Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dying Feathers

A friend of mine has recently got a bunch of barred feathered hens and he sent me a pile of feathers from their last roast. I ended up tying up a bunch of flies to send to him to say thank you, but I also tied up some foam poppers for bass for myself with the barred feathers. For the body of these poppers I glued sheets of foam together to get the stripped patterns and then hand cut the foam with a razor.

When I brought my first cape I got a grey colour so that in the future I could dying pieces of the cape as grey would allow me to use any colour without having to bleach the feathers first. My first try at dying was black, basically the easy way out. The patch that I dyed came out really nice and I have started to tie a bunch of black gnats and small black stone flies which I will put some more photos up later.