Friday, October 25, 2013

Lagerman Res.

Due to all the natural disasters in Colorado I had to put an end to my fishing season early. However, I did get out yesterday to Lagerman Res. which is greatly unchanged. Hoping to find a pike (I am pretty such none are in there) to catch I set off around the lake. I did see some rabbits in the rocks and some blue gills close to shore, but not much else. There was a carp hitting the seeds on the surface and a carefully placed Miss Simpson ended my drought with a crap in the net. After seeing this carp I turned all eyes to finding more. I end up spotting about 10 more carp happily eating from the mud, but no more luck came my way. However, it looks like my fishing season might start up again for a little bit longer.

I have been really hitting the classic salmon and bass flies hard and I really need to post some images of those.