Saturday, September 10, 2011

New popper

This a bit of a stage by stage tying of a popper.

1. This is after I had made the tail and the main body of the popper. There meant to be four sections of white under body, black top body with orange spots (was meant to be green top body with black spots, but the green I had was too oily and there was so much fuzzy I just tossed it in the bin, all the hair I have been using I got from a $5 grab bag). Each section should be about 3 stacks of hair as my hair stacker is so small.
2. There was a very small section left at the front so I put a small white face on the popper.

3. Started to carve up the popper with a double sided razor blade (I finally found them at CVS), I did not really realize now blunt a blade gets just after one popper until today.4. Side profile of the popper after the trimming5. Front of the popper after adding eyes
6. Side profile of the complete popper
7. The popper in all it's glory

To buy:

You might not believe this, but I am still only using 0/6 to tie my deer hair poppers and I should really go out and get some GSP thread. Also, I should look at getting more hair in a bigger range as natural, yellow, black and orange is all I have right now and most of it is too oily and fuzzy to use. Need to get more hooks and a range of them, I think this was on a 2/0.


Johnny Utah said...

Thats a very nice poppper. Great colors and well proportioned. Great job.

Dustin's Fly Box said...

Great tie! You got a new follower