Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two more salmon flies

Here is my latest flies that I have been working on. I really like the look of the flies, but I still have lots of work to do to improve them.

Top fly: Need to get the throat length right, the under wing should sit along the length of the hook shaft instead of up on an angle, the mallard needs to follow the under wing properly, there is a bump between the tinsel and floss which will improve if I can reduce the number of thread turns. What I do like about the fly is the silk is really nice and a spoon is a good tool for smoothing the floss.
Bottom fly: This fly almost broke me as I made 2 pairs of married wings with 5 sections, but the turkey is just really fat at the tie in point and it kept breaking the marriage, so I went with this wing instead. The head is way to fat and that is mainly due to the turkey. I also need to work on the tinsel, but I tied this before the top fly and my tinsel work is far better now.

These flies are all on 2/0 hooks which makes them a bit squashed up, I have ordered some 4/0 blind eye hooks and goose shoulders so that I can get better dimensions and married wings in the future.

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