Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hygiene Lakes - Longmont, CO

Another weekend and another day out trying to get some big fall bass. The wind had pickup this week and the action had slowed off. I did see quite a few bass close to shore, but nothing was really taking any thing. If you know the lakes and the back lake there is a feeder pipe that the bluegills like to hang around, but today there was about three pretty nice sized bass and I was happy to get one. I did not have my normal camera and the one I had was on my super crappy DVD recorder.

Looking about going out and trying for some Fall crap at McCall tomorrow (I have no idea if you can catch fall crap), or possibly go to Lagerman Res. to see what it is like and if it is possible to get some pike. Originally I was planning on going to Gross Res. for salmon, but I am not up for the drive; could try during the week on the way home.

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