Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bass poppers and rabbit strips

I have really been getting into deer hair spinning and hope to one day get to the quality of Pat Cohen . For now it is just getting the basics down and trimming perfected. Here is what I have tied.

Fly 1 - Rabbit strip on a size 6 hook and red thread under body.

Fly 2 - Green and yellow bass popper

Fly 3 - Yellow and green bass popper

Fly 4 - Another bass popper, but with inset black and orange circles and a bi-colour body

Fly 5 - One of the first poppers I tied

Fly 6 - This fly has pheasant as the tail and inset peacock herl wings, was actually thinking it looks like a bald eagle so it might actually scary the fish away.

Fly 7 - My first try at insetting feathers during the spinning - some how turned into an orange raccoon.

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