Monday, August 22, 2011

Fly Tying in a Storm

So we decided to go to spring creek on Sunday. After spending about 4 hours hunting trout we decided to call it quits, especially after the clouds started to look very nasty. Lucky for us it was the right choice. Just as we got home the thunder and lightening started up, then the heavy rain and that was that for the day. Additionally our internet was out, so it was back to the bench to tie up the BWOs that I needed to do for the swap and some poppers that I hope to use next weekend.

The token blue gill to finish off the big three

One of the three brown trouts that I got with nymphs

One of the two rainbows that my wife was able to get to rise to her fly. The other one decided that it was not to keen on being netted

Another photo of a brown that I got

The solo mayfly of the day, not sure what it is yet

Mrs Simpson streamer pattern, as tied

After applying water to give it that wet look

Bass popper (Front)

Bass popper (Side)

Half of the BWOs

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