Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to the vise

I finally had sometime to brake out the vise and tie some flies for what I hope will be an excellent dry fly year. I tied up some size 20 midges and parachutes, as well as a foam hopper. I am not really into foam flies, but I have had the supplies around for ages so I gave it a go.

I also went down to my new local fly fishing shop, the Laughing Grizzly ( The guy there seemed really nice and the place was full of supplies; additionally he said he was from PA. I picked up some books to start learning the water and hopefully the rivers will be full of cutthroats when I get the chance to go out. There is some open water around the place, but the weekends snow might put a stop to me going out this weekend. Something that I might have to look into is at the Laughing Grizzly they do build your own bamboo fly rod, which sounds pretty amazing; even though I have already seen a pile of glass rods and a couple of bamboo rods (~$150 - $500) for sale at a giant garage sell here in Longmont.

For the evening read I decided on a nice wheat ale with a name that I hope to replicate this season.

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