Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fully dressed salmon flies

#1 - This is the first time that I have tied the Durham Ranger, but I have been wanting to do along time. This is most probably the first fully dressed salmon fly I had seen and then Davie McPhail posted a video of him tying it so I had a good idea on how to go about tying this fly. I would have liked a nicer jungle cock cape for this fly but it still looks pretty good to me.

 #2 - I have tied several lady Amherst, but this is the first one on a small hook (2/0). One thing that really effects the look of this fly is the topping, I might have to go back and redo the topping to give it a more of an open look.
 #3 - First time I have tied the black doctor and most probably not the last time. I would have really liked to have a smaller head, but I still like the look of it.
 #4 - A MOM to end of the set, this will be a fishing fly so I was not overall concerned with the look of it.

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