Sunday, February 17, 2013


I went out today for a short visit to another dam. The first one I went to I had a walk around and saw a nice trout in a side stream and then a few jumping trout out in one of the ponds. By the time I had started to set up, another group of anglers had arrived and started to fish the pond. They seemed pretty excited about seeing a fish, but missed out. Then they started to work the dam wall from the bridge. I did throw out some casts, but nothing seemed to come in the short period I was there. To make matters worse a family turned up and one was spin fishing while the others waded in the water with a dog, so I called it a day. I decided to see what was on the bridge and when I got there the two guys had a trout on and were trying to play it to a safe landing spot. After talking to them it seemed like they fished here quite often with the same process, usually dry flies but were using a bead head pheasant tail today. The trout they caught was ~35 cm the exact min. size limit.

I then moved to another dam, but one I had been to before. Not much was happening so I swung some streamers. Finally, I spotted a trout feeding heavily on the surface and sub-surface. So I put on a midge larva and after a few casts I got it to take, but then it all when wrong. After the take the trout decided to head straight for a rock and I was not going to have any of that so I slammed on the breaks by grabbing the line and lifting the rod. All that led to was the hook coming out and the fishing racing to the deep.

After my failed fishing for the day I picked some blackberries and headed home.

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