Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The good and the ugly

My trip to New Zealand is looking like it will becoming to an end, so time to hit the rivers while I have the chance.

I decided to stick to rivers I had the best lucky on and ones that were close. Heading out the sun was shining and then as I got closer to the river the sky turned to low cloud. On getting to the river I set up and put on a streamer with a trailing nymph as nothing looked to be rising yet. I headed straight for the intersection of the main stream and a small feeder stream. On getting there, there was a reasonable trout in the shallows, but it saw me as soon as I started to false cast. I headed to a nice ledge, which also was were a fork was in the river. Right below my feed was a massive trout (7-8lbs at least). Not really thinking about what I was doing I put a nice cast out in front of the trout and as the streamer went past the fish bolted, should have gone with just the nymph but I was not thinking at that stage. There were a few trout further up the stream feeding on nymphs so I put another cast out further. This time I had a chasing trout and it looked to have taken the nymph, however I just had to much line out to get any tension before it spat the nymph out. The trout in the main river started rising, more like jumping. I ran the streamer down the side of the river and was surprised by a trout hiding in the weeds that chased the streamer, but did not take. A second cast down the same line and the fish was fighting to get the streamer out of it's mouth. Just my lucky, as I tighten the line I helped pull the streamer out. Already I was two fish down and two that did not want to play ball. Changing to just a nymph and casting to the rising trout I finally got a couple of trout for dinner. The bigger of the two was a really good fight and was running and jumping for about 5 mins, both were over 35 cm. Possibly the last trout I will catch in New Zealand.

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