Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Still catching trout in NZ

Times are tough. There are piles of trout where I have been going, but they are clued into something that I do not seem to have. To make matters worse, I did not bring any of my flies with me so I have been fishing with what I have tied here and on a limited budget. So that has mainly been a caddis dry fly and bead head hare's ear dropper. I have also tied a few streamers with material what was donated to me. I have been having pretty good success until now.

It is almost time for the willow flies and I through that was the issue, but my midge nymphs did not work. So last week I sat on the bank watching +5lb trout leap clear out of the water and all I could see were red dragon flies and a couple of brown mayfly spinners. So I tied up some mayfly emerger and spinner patterns with what I had, no dry flies as I do not see the point in buying a cape, and also some red dragon flies with red wool and some red copper john's.

To test out the new flies I hit the river close to where I have been staying and after a few hours of jumping fish and no strikes I decided to move to a small inlet stream and swing a streamer with a trailing hare's ear nymph. Casting across the stream and then flicking the line out all the way to the backing I was able to get a drift through the mouth of the stream with the river. After 3 casts I had a follow, one small rainbow that I let go and then a 30 cm rainbow that I decided to keep for lunch. On the way back to the car I decided to fish my original spot as I could see a larger trout still feeding. Tying on only a red copper john, I cast the nymph in front of the trout. As soon as it landed the rainbow leapt clear out of the water and pile drivered the nymph to the bottom of the river. Pulling back on the rod I was to receive some long runs and spectacular jumps before I got it to shore. This one was a keeper and would be turned into dinner.

When I gutted it I checked to see what it was eating and not to my surprise it's belly was stuffed full of dragon flies.

Now it is time to head to another river where I know bigger fish have been rising like this.

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