Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011-05-14 Spring Creek and Little Juniata

Finally, I have expanded my fishing area past Spring Creek. A graduating friend was in town for the weekend so we went out and hit spring creek in the morning and the Little Juniata (LJ) in the afternoon.

Spring creek was pretty void of anglers and trout when we were there, but I was able to get a few (3 to be exact) on a size 16 scud. The top water bug life was not great and we were only in the paradise section.

I have never been to the LJ, but from the forums I was hearing that we should get into some sulphurs. Not totally sure where we were, as I was getting told the directions as I was driving, but I know it was in the Rothrock State Forest, near Barree, at the end of road with a car park full of people. About 4-5 left hand turns after the low one way bridge.

After a short walk in we were on the river, which was 53F (water temp) when we got there and looked ok for wet wading. We were told on the hike in that fish were being taken on caddis nymphs, but no really hatch was happening. However, that was to change pretty quickly. With in an hour, so around 5pm, sulphurs were coming off and the section that we were in started to see a steady rise of trout. They were big splashy rises so on with the size 16 sulphur emerger. Over a period of 2 hours I was able to get 5 brownies all on the surface. I fouled hooked one and it would not stop fighting, but was a really decent size and dwarfed the other fish I landed. I also took one dunk in the water from the slippery rocks and it did make the drive home uncomfortable. My friend got a couple to the net, which was a pleasure to see as he was yet to catch a trout in PA.

All in all it was a good day out and I have the bruised knees to show for it.

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