Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011-05-22 Spring Creek

From TCO's stream conditions spring creek was about 390 CFS and it was going to be brown. When I got there it was high, but it was starting to clear. There were cars around, but I only saw a couple of people with rods all morning. I took a couple of photos of the creek so you can see what to expect from 390 CFS flows.

To start out, I tied on a size 14 green wolf and a size 16 scud as a dropper. For the first hour I had only seen a few fish stalking close to shore, although I did get one to come up and look at the dry midstream. So I decided to go to a black woolly bugger which I do not typically fish, but this was the best time to throw them out and see how to use them. There were a few follows, but no solid chasers. One guy I talked to said he had 12 takes on a black streamer and rolled about 5 other fish. After about an hour of throwing a streamer I changed to a size 14 caddis and a tungsten bead head size 16 hare's ear on about 1.5 ft of x6 tippet. Also there was more sun out and the air temperature was warming up. With this combo I pulled in four browns and a nice rainbow (really bad photo of the rainbow).

With the sun and an increase in the air temperature there were a few mayflys out, but not enough to start the trout rising.

I did see my first snake of the summer and it had to be right next to were I had snagged my line.

Still a very good day on spring creek even though it was high and brown.

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