Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sulphur Nymph

Materials list:

Weight - Stick back lead

Hook – size 16 nymph hook

Tail – pheasant tail

Nymph Body – Embroidery thread – yellow and brown or two shades of yellow

Under Body – Hare Ear dubbing

Wings Casing – pheasant tail

Legs - Feather from a Mallard

Tying Guide

Step 1 - Place the hook in the vice and apply a layer of stick back lead with a double wrap near the head of the fly.

Step 2 - Tie in ~3-4 pheasant tail fibers.

Step 3 - Tie in the weaving thread on the sides of the fly and tie off the tying thread.

Step 4 - Weave the body about half the length of the fly using the knot weave, here I was alternating the colour that went in front of the other to get a stripped look.

Step 5 - Retie on the tying thread and tie down the weaving threads and remove the waste. Tie in ~6 pheasant tail fibers.

Step 6 - Dub the body of the fly, I did not go back far enough so there looks to be a disjoint in the fly which should not be there.

Step 7 - Take the mallard feather and cut a notch to form legs on either side of the fly, tie on the legs and remove the waste.

Step 8 - pull the wing casing forward and tie down. You can either remove the waste else I have split the waste and done a figure 8 around them to make eyes for the nymph.

Step 9 - Whip finish the tying thread behind the eyes and cut off the waste and shorten the pheasant tail to make the eyes. Apply head cement to finish the fly

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