Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011-05-06 Spring Creek

The weather was looking good for the weekend so a small trip to Spring Creek was planned. Getting there at 8 am the river was looking a bit high (270 CFS), but the visibility was good. At the first section we fished, I got a fish to the net in three casts with a size 16 scud.

After that the fishing got alot tougher, but we did get a few more from the creek before heading home at 11:30 am. Additionally, Spring Creek was filling up with people, not only to fish, but to watch the bald eagle. My camera is just an old point and click digital camera, but in the photo below I have circled the eagle (black circle) and it's nest (red circle).

The whole time we were at Spring Creek we did not observe a hatch, and the only flying insects were midges.

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