Thursday, May 5, 2011

DVD - Reviews part 1

To start things off I through I would review, or mention, some of the DVDs on fly fishing and fly tying that I hold with in my collection.

DVDs 1-6 of New Zealand Trophy Water (

This collection is a must for someone that is missing fishing in New Zealand and loves big trout. It is filmed mainly in the South Island and presents the viewer with many large sized trout in gin clear water. The guys in these videos seem to be the down to earth Kiwi blokes that would love to hit the rivers and then sit around the fire with a nice cold tui and have a chin wag. 4/5

Essential skills with Oliver Edwards (

When I saw this DVD set I knew I was going to have to buy the complete collection, and I was not let down. Even though they all cover one or two methods of fly fishing I found that it was mainly more about the amazing flies that Oliver can tie. Without a doubt these videos have improved my ability to tie flies, one area in particular is the weaving techniques he uses and I will show case in later postings. 4/5

Once in a blue moon (

Loving New Zealand as must as I do this was a must have to show case the amazing country I have left behind to over like minded people. This DVD covers areas of New Zealand that I wish to visit and fly fishing conditions that I am yet to experience. See these browns taking mice off the surface will send a shiver down your spine. 5/5

To Be Continued....

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