Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scud Step-by-Step

This is my typical go to fly on spring creek, size 16 scud. To fish this, I suspend it under a dry fly on a size x5 tippet, the length of the tippet will depend on the depth of the water; however I typically use 1-2 feet to begin with and adjust it from there.

Step 1 - Lay down a layer of sticky back lead, multiple applications can be used to get the right weight.

Step 2 - Tie on the tying thread (Rusty Dun was used here), leave about 3-4 inches of waste to use as the ribbing. Lay down enough thread to make a smooth body.

Step 3 - Tie in a strip of clear coloured surgical glove - 2 mm wide and longer enough to cover the length of the hook.

Step 4 - Loosely dub the thread with hares ear dubbing, or similar dubbing, and cover the entire hook to build the scud body.

Step 5 - Pull over the glove and tie down.

Step 6 - Rib the body with the waste tying thread and whip finish the tail. If you want, some wood duck or partridge fibers can be tied in over the hook eye to represent tails.

Step 7 - The final step is to pull out some of the dubbing to make it more leggy.

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